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From Yamada Sensei: Etiquette for Seminar Invitations

Dear USAF and Sansuikai Instructors:
The following are very important procedures I would like you to keep in mind, and it applies whether you are a member of the USAF or Sansuikai International.  When it comes to organizing seminars, we must consider the USAF and Sansuikai International 2 separate organizations that must show a mutual respect towards each other.
Whenever you are approached to teach a seminar outside your organization, especially if it is from a country other than your own, please remember to follow this proper etiquette: both you and the dojo inviting you should request permission from me (through the USAF or Sansuikai office) in writing before you accept the invitation.  Also, this must be followed in the reverse situation – if you are inviting an instructor from outside your organization and especially from another country, it is your responsibility to not only write to me, but to also request from the person you are inviting that he/she write a letter regarding the invitation before the invitation is accepted.  These are the correct steps to take, and when they are followed, everything flows smoothly.  When they are not, it often puts my organizations and me in a very difficult situation. These are also simply good manners to follow and will reflect well on all involved.
As long as you are part of the USAF or Sansuikai, you must consider the proper way to proceed in these situations, and not take matters in your own hands. Please follow these correct procedures.
For any circumstances that involve dan testing at a seminar, if this correct path is not followed, the USAF will not or cannot take responsibility to assist with the business of promotions/registrations.  Testing should not be given at any dojo or to any members that are not a part of the USAF or Sansuikai, and I should be approached regarding all testing and arrangements well before they occur.
When this respectful process is observed, it will greatly help avoid conflict and create more harmony for everyone.
Y. Yamada

A Message From Yamada Sensei

Dear Teachers and Members,
We just finished our annual summer camp 2018 with great success. It was a great summer camp and I am sure everybody had a wonderful time creating new friendships and new love.
Our summer camp is very unique and one of the best summer camps in the world. I can say this proudly because we offer so many varieties of the best instruction. Well- organized by the staff with lots of explanation and knowledge. Greeted at the desk by intelligent and charming ladies. What else can you ask for?
During summer camp, there were a couple of meetings by the Technical Committee and Board of Directors.  I am very happy with the result of both meetings.
Before I finish this letter, I’d like to say that I hope you have a wonderful rest of the 2018 year, creating deeper friendships with one another. And I’d like to encourage all the dojos to have seminars inviting our talented T. C. members.
Y. Yamada
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