2019 USAF Summer Camp Registration Is Open!

We are excited to once again host Yamada Sensei, Osawa Sensei, the USAF Technical Committee and Instructors for our 2019 Summer Camp  

from Sunday, July 28th to Saturday, August 3th.
We will be returning to the newly renovated Seaview Dolce Hotel, located at 401 South New York Road, Galloway, New Jersey. To accommodate Aikido camp participants, their family and friends, the hotel has blocked off a number of rooms at a discounted rate, including a very limited number of rooms for arrival prior to camp on Saturday, July 27th.

You are encouraged to register for a Camp Package and book your hotel room as soon as possible. Although you will have to pay for your Camp Package in full  at the time of registration, you will not incur charges for your hotel reservation until your actual stay. The DEADLINE for registration is Friday, June 21st but the blocked off USAF discounted hotel rooms may be fully occupied prior to the deadline. Information about purchasing day fees can be found through the registration link below.

Each year, the USAF allots scholarships to 10 recipients for the aikido-portion of camp.  We need your help in insuring that all USAF members are aware of this opportunity, and encourage you to share the information with all members at your dojo. The application and information can be found here: Scholarship Application
Our on-line site provides an easy registration process, and allows you to register more than one person at a time and complete your payment without leaving the site.
For more information and to proceed with your registration, click here:
We look forward to seeing you at camp!


USAF launches Youtube page!

We are excited to announce the launching of our official USAF YouTube channel! Past and future summer camp videos will be posted here, for free access to the aikido community and the general public.

2018 was the first camp where the footage was created for an internet presence, rather than a DVD. We will continue to explore how to best present our classes in this new format, and look forward to sharing the excellent instruction provided at our summer camps with aikidoka around the world.

Check out our page here and don’t forget to subscribe! Any help spreading the news would be appreciated!





Most Influential Person

My mentor is Sensei Faust who is my Aikido teacher. He is a 7th Dan black belt (Shihan), and he is one of the top ranked people in the world. He is also the very top ranked African-American Aikidoist in the United States Aikido Federation. He even holds rank in Karate, Kung Fu, and Tae Kwon Do. He has trained and taught here and in Japan. He teaches in clubs at RPI, he teaches home-schoolers, and he teaches at youth charities. He is also a veteran. He has inspired me by being the most accomplished person I know and made me want to try to get a rank higher than his and learn as much as I can.

When I first started it was for fun because I was only 5 or 6, but now I practice to learn to defend myself. He is hard on everyone in his class but he always makes sure we get it right. He is extremely persistent and never stops practicing himself. Learning Aikido under him taught me how to commit to something. I have been doing Aikido for 8 years now and am 5th kyu, meaning I am 5 tests away from black belt. I am one of the only two people to go through the entirety of the children’s class and graduate to the adult class. Everybody else either dropped out or stayed in the children’s class. Me and the other person are also the only kids in the adult class. Usually people at my rank are in their 30s-40s. I owe this entirely to my dad and Sensei Faust. He has been practicing so long it can be measured in decades. More than four to be exact. Plus, he is a part of the direct teaching lineage of the inventor of Aikido.

I recently tested for 5th kyu and made it through with a combination of his and my dad’s teaching and encouragement. When I was 6th kyu (the numbers go down as you get higher rank) he made sure that I worked on all of the techniques until I got them all to a degree where they wouldn’t be forgotten after the test. I am currently working towards 4th kyu and plan to get to black belt within the next few years. I will be a role model in the future by taking on some of Sensei’s traits. I will also teach at the dojo, hopefully with others I know. I will teach in a way that people will learn and remember to defend themselves. I will pass on his persistence to others. I will make sure I don’t stop practicing until I can’t anymore. I will also take these traits into my regular life. I know that he will definitely leave a permanent effect on my life and many others of multiple generations.

Nahjiim Engram

Albany Aikido

USAF Summer Camp 2019 Is Gearing up!

Save the date, stay alert, stay posted, and stay tuned. Information about registration will follow soon.

Another USAF summer camp not to be missed!

View flyer by clicking here

2018 Year At A Glance

We would like to share with you our 2018 year-end report that was circulated to USAF Chief Instructors.  The formatting is for a trifold brochure, so please take that into consideration when you review the content.  We hope you find it informative and wish you a wonderful 2019.

2018 Year At A Glance

New Year’s Recommendations 1-1-2019

The following list comprises the 2019 New Year’s recommendations for 5th dan and above, and Shihan.


The recently posted list on Aikikai Foundation’s website can be found here: Kagami Biraki Grading 2019


  • David Babcock – New York Aikikai
  • Steve Bandy – Aikido of Dallas
  • Luis Cataldi – Raleigh Aikikai
  • John Chiarolanzio – Aikido of New Paltz
  • Shawn Dansby – Aikido of Cincinnati
  • Alberto De La Pena – Aikido of Dallas
  • Brian Ericksen – Heaven and Earth Aikido
  • Laura Gabbe – Aikido of Park Slope
  • Jamal Granick – Aikido of Park Slope
  • Michael Grover – Florida Aikikai
  • Jean Laplante – Aikikai de l’Universite Laval
  • Joshua Layton – Monteregie Aikikai
  • Janet Lowe – Florida Aikikai
  • Meipo Martin – Capital Hill Aikikai
  • Charles Oaks – Aikido of Dallas
  • John O’Connor – Long Island Aikikai
  • Martin Perez – Toronto Aikikai
  • Thanh Vinh Pham – Aikido de la Montagne
  • John Porter – Aikikai of Philadelphia
  • Mark Reichert – Cornell Aikido Club
  • Ahmed Rhando – Aikido School of Maghreb
  • Mary Dee Seabolt – Aikido Center of Jacksonville
  • Alexander Sorisky – Ottawa Aikikai
  • William Stairs – Ottawa Aikikai
  • John Thompson – Aikido of Denton
  • Paul Tigh – Aikido of Dallas
  • Robert Vichnis – Aikido of Park Slope


  • Thomas Berry – Aikido of Ashland
  • Fabio Chirinos – Dairyukai Aikikai
  • Cong Nguyen – Summit View Aikido
  • Jonathan Reid – Aikido of Central New York
  • Edward Schechtman – Center Island Aikido
  • Jose Maxcen Soriana – PAPA Aikido Michigan
  • Kevin Templer – Aikido of San Antonio
  • Christine Wong – Aikido of Santa Barbara


  • Douglas Firestone – Aikido of Westchester
  • George Kennedy – Aikido Center of Atlanta
  • TK Lee – Aikido of Houston
  • Charles McGinnis – Aikido fo Cincinnati
  • Joel Posluns – North Vancouver Aikikai
  • Yoko Okamoto – Aikido Kyoto, Japan (a non-USAF dojo, but promoted by Yamada Sensei)


  • Eugene Abarrategui – Aikido de la Montagne


USAF Code of Conduct & Membership Regulations

2019: USAF Code of Conduct


2019: USAF Membership Regulations

2019 New USAF Dojo

The USAF would like to welcome the following new member dojo:






Tenchi Aikido of Somerset

Chief Instructors: Sheila Cahilig & Jeffrey Marfil

360 Milltown Road

Bridgewater, NJ 08807




East Lake Aikido

Chief Instructor: Galen David

3359 36th Ave South

Minneapolis, MN 55406


Harvey Konigsberg Sensei’s Artist Website

Konigsberg sensei has a new website, harveykonigsbergart.com, which highlights his new, beautiful and dynamic Aikido prints, paintings, and T-shirts.  He says, “I believe art should be a luminous experience for both the artist and viewer. To create this experience in my work, I continuously strive to use movement and form to reveal the unseen world.” Visit the site to see his newest art, including the “Aiki Women” series. Prints start at $40. Mixed media paintings sell for $350. T-shirts are currently 50% off and are going for $14. His art makes great gifts!


Our Christmas Seminar and Christmas are just around the corner. So that means it is a time to think about gifts; what should I get? who should I give to?

Well, as far as I’m concerned, I don’t want to be greeted by Santa. I only need to be given a big hug and kiss. I’m more than happy to see you on the mat at the Christmas Seminar.

That will be the only and best gift for me for Christmas.

Y. Yamada

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