A Message From Yamada Sensei Regarding Sansuikai

I recently announced that Sansuikai International is now affiliated with the USAF.  Some questions have been asked, so I  wanted to explain what this affiliation means.  As you know, I created Sansuikai so the dojo in South America and Europe can join and I can help these dojo by submitting Sansuikai dan applications to Aikikai.  When I am no longer able to do this, the USAF, as a recognized Aikikai organization, will take my place and forward these applications directly to Aikikai.  This is all that will be needed to make sure everyone can still have their dan ranks registered at hombu.  We have so many friendly relationships all over the world, between Sansuikai and the USAF, and this allows me to rest assured that all the years of work I have put in to both organizations will continue, as well as your friendships on and off the mat .


Y. Yamada

Dan Promotions April 16th – July 31st 2015

Test applications received and dated between April 16th 2015 and July 31st, 2015 (some listings represent applications prior to Hombu approval). 




  • Michael Britton – Ottawa Aikikai
  • Alvin Chan – Aikido of Central New York
  • George Gregory Ellis – Austin Aikikai
  • Sean Emrick – New Castle Aikikai
  • A. J. Ermenc – Ottawa Aikikai
  • Juan Hiedra Cobo – Fudoshin Aikikai
  • David Goldberger – Two Rivers Aikikai
  • Claudio Gomes – Skylands Aikikai
  • Benny Goolsby – Zanshin Aikido School
  • Jack Hanlon – Skylands Aikikai
  • Michael Hewitt – Boston Aikikai
  • Joshu Jones – Springfield Aikido School
  • Lachlan Kadick – Summit View Aikido
  • Jennifer Kane – Midwest Aikido Center
  • Robert Kolada – Midwest Aikido Center
  • May Lane – Twin Cities Aikido Center
  • Donald Learning – Ottawa Aikikai
  • Catherine Lefebvre – Aikido de la Montagne
  • Jason Martell – Lunenburg Aikikai
  • Indigo Moorhead – Framingham Aikikai
  • Carolyn Moss – New Castle Aikikai
  • Evangelos Moraitis – Aikido of New Orleans
  • Gerald Napoli – Vineland Aikikai
  • Holly Nesbitt – Boston Aikikai
  • Cameron Panee – Open Sky Aikikai
  • John Powers – Lunenburg Aikikai
  • Jomel Romero – Kenosha Aikikai
  • Karry Sarkissian – Providence Aikikai
  • Annie Small – Aikido Schools of New Jersey
  • Barry Stafford – Aikido Schools of New Jersey
  • Gabriel Pablo Szraibman – Aikido de la Montagne
  • Robert Warren – Vineland Aikikai
  • Matt Wiegand – University of Iowa Aikikai


  • Matthew Bourbon – Aikido of Denton
  • James Branin – Vineland Aikikai
  • Joshua Buchman – Aikido of Central New York
  • Liliane Bourgouin - Aikido de la Montagne
  • Anthony Cumby – Fudoshin Aikikai
  • Bradford Delapena – Twin Cities Aikido Center
  • Gilberto Ferrer – Austin Aikikai
  • Marilene Gelinas – Monteregie Aikikai
  • John Graham – Aikido of Fairfield County
  • John Kivlehan - Aikido of Central New York
  • Steven Lasher - Aikido of Central New York
  • Frank Pere – Aikido of Austin
  • Karim Rholem - Aikido de la Montagne
  • Henry Schoeneck – Aikido of Central New York
  • Jay Shoemaker – Austin Aikikai
  • Chris Schulz – Aikido de la Montagne
  • Court Spooner – Aikido of Austin
  • Slawomir Swierbinski – Toronto Aikikai


  • Heath Atchley – Aikido of Amherst
  • Colin Baird – Albany Aikido
  • Yeltiza Cuevas – Toronto Aikikai
  • Lois Miraucourt – Aikido de la Montagne
  • Jonathan Olson – Aikikai de l’Universite Laval
  • Kris Onishi - Aikido de la Montagne
  • Alexander Perry – Aikido of Champlain Valley
  • Guy Ponko – Midwest Aikido Center
  • Jamal Teymouri – Albany Aikido


  • David Cormalleth – Midwest Aikido Center
  • Kevin Egan – Ottawa Aikikai
  • Neil Quigley – Aikido Institute of Newfoundland
  • Kaori Sakurai – Ottawa Aikikai
  • Mazda Salmanian – Ottawa Aikikai

Dan Promotions January 2nd 2015 – April 15th 2015

Test applications received and dated between January 2 2015 and April 15th, 2015 (some listings represent applications prior to Hombu approval).




  • Philip Amisano – New England Aikikai
  • Jonathan Aguillon – San Francisco Aikikai
  • Scott Bennet-Jeffreys – New England Aikikai
  • Milton Cadogan – Florida Aikikai
  • Sylvain Choisel – San Francisco Aikikai
  • Francisco del Valle – Aikido Schools of New Jersey
  • Jorge Espinoza-Derout – Davis Aikikai
  • Theophile Komlan Dagba – Toronto Aikikai
  • Don Eisele – KSU Aikido/ Tatsumaki Aikikai
  • Brian Galozo – North Vancouver Aikikai
  • Daniel Holabaugh – New England Aikikai
  • Judi Montfort Holley – Kitsap Aikido
  • Richard Hubarcak – Harvard Aikikai
  • Carol Huben – Aikido of Northampton
  • Kaitlyn Hunter – North Vancouver Aikikai
  • Christopher Ingham – Bermuda Aikikai
  • Kim John-Banks – Bermuda Aikikai
  • Brian Ledford – New England Aikikai
  • Ari Ming – Bermuda Aikikai
  • Phu Nguyen – Aikido of Houston
  • Drake Pusey – Commonwealth Aikikai
  • Melvin Rasmijin – Aikido Curacao
  • Patrick Roux – Seattle Aikikai
  • Augustus Sandage – San Francisco Aikikai
  • Jay Tall – Aikido of Park Slope
  • Chris Twomey – Commonwealth Aikikai
  • Matthew Wadsworth – Lake County Aikikai
  • Jeff Walker – KSU Aikido/ Tatsumaki Aikikai
  • Howard Weitzman – Long Island Aikikai
  • Vernon Williams – Lake County Aikikai
  • Michael Wong – San Francisco Aikikai
  • Jim Zawisza – Framingham Aikikai


  • Garrett Curry – Davis Aikikai
  • Nicholas Howes – St. Ives Aiki Dojo
  • Kai Chun Huang – San Francisco Aikikai
  • Evan Katsuranis – Davis Aikikai
  • Lester Loschky – KSU Aikido/Tatsumaki Aikikai
  • Richard Mintz- Prairie Aikikai
  • Neland North – USAF Academy Aikido Club
  • Richard Schubert – Long Island Aikikai


  • Thomas Boggs – Aikido of Houston
  • Wendy Guyer – Midwest Aikido Center
  • Faith Lumsden – Seattle Aikikai
  • Gillian Macleod – Aikido of Park Slope
  • Rod Yabut – Southland Aikido


  • Robert Lews Clark – Kitsap Aikido
  • Kjarten Clausen – Aikido of Park Slope
  • Kali Hewitt-Blackie – Woodstock Aikido
  • Mark Goodman – Aikido of Park Slope
  • Francesco Grieco - Aikido of Santa Barbara
  • Ray Kohl – Midwest Aikido Center
  • Wendy Kopka – Midwest Aikido Center
  • Anthea Pascaris – Notting Hill Aikikai
  • Benjamin Silver – Aikido of Santa Barbara
  • Andrew Sloley – Aikido of Houston
  • William Tilles – Aikido of Park Slope

Richard M. Stickles Shihan, Aikido Schools of New Jersey

The USAF has sadly learned that Rick Stickles Sensei, founder and chief instructor of Aikido Schools of New Jersey (ASNJ), passed away on Sunday, June 21st.   ASNJ members will be holding a memorial service at their dojo on Wednesday, June 24th at 7pm.

Stickles Sensei began his training in New York Aikikai and was soto deshi to Yamada Sensei.  He founded ASNJ in 1977 and dedicated his life to teaching and promoting Aikido at his dojo and around the world.  He was also an instructor at New York Aikikai.

Yamada Sensei and the USAF extend their deepest condolences to Stickles Sensei’s family and students for this sudden and unexpected loss.


In Memory of Dick Stroud Shihan

Dick Stroud Shihan passed away peacefully in his sleep at the age of 82 on May 30 while on a two-week trip to Japan with his wife and friends.

Stroud Sensei was a dedicated lifelong student of M. Kanai Shihan after starting aikido in Boston during the 1960s. He founded the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Aikido Club in the mid-70s and trained and mentored thousands of aikidoka, many of whom have gone on to become outstanding yudansha.

He was also widely known and admired in the art world. A prodigious artist, his works can be found in museums and private collections around the world. Stroud Sensei was a distinguished educator of fine arts at many museums and universities, as well as at special institutions such as the Charles River Creative Arts Camp in Dover, MA where a scholarship fund for children will be created in his memory.

A memorial training is tentatively scheduled for Saturday September 12 at the New England Aikikai.

Richard Stroud Shihan, MIT Aikido Club

The USAF has learned that Dick Stroud Sensei, chief instructor of MIT Aikido Club, passed away a week ago while on vacation in Japan with his daughter.  An accomplished artist, Stroud Sensei started the MIT Aikido club in 1978 with the permission of Kanai Sensei. We share this sad news as we mourn the loss of another great instructor who dedicated his life to aikido.  More information will be circulated when it becomes available.

T. K. Chiba Sensei, Birankai Founder

It is with great sadness that we share the news of T. K. Chiba Sensei’s passing on Friday, June 5th.

As an integral part of the growth of the USAF and aikido world-wide, Chiba Sensei’s teachings and spirit as an instructor, a mentor, and a friend  touched so many lives and was a privilege that will remain cherished by all who knew him. Yamada Sensei and the USAF extend to Chiba Sensei’s family and students our sincere condolences for this profound loss.  Our roots run deep and will always keep us connected as one family, as we extend our support during this difficult time and moving forward.

Birankai International has issued the following statement:

On behalf of Birankai International, with deep sorrow, Birankai North America announces the death on June 5th, 2015 of our Founder and teacher T. K. Chiba, Shihan. Martial artists here and around the world salute his life as they mourn his passing. During more than 50 years of training and teaching, Sensei inspired, forged and changed the lives of generations of students. United in gratitude for the great gift he gave us, we offer our condolences to his family.

A celebration of Sensei’s life will be held at Birankai North America 2015 Summer Camp. In lieu of flowers, we ask that you consider a gift for the family.



At this time there are only 25 USAF discounted rooms left in the hotel for people purchasing full week camp packages (Sunday-Saturday).  If you plan on coming to camp for the full week, you should purchase your camp package and reserve your hotel room as soon as possible.


Also, the USAF room block has reached full capacity at the camp rate for the Saturday prior to camp (July 25th).  You may still reserve a room for Saturday, July 25th but at an increased rate of $209 plus tax which does not include breakfast on Sunday morning.

Please click here for more camp/hotel information and to proceed with your registration.

Best regards,


Laura Pavlick and Karen De Paola

Important USAF Camp Update











If you are planning on attending camp this year, we highly recommend you register for a camp package (half or full week) and make your hotel reservation as soon as possible to take advantage of the limited number of USAF discounted rooms still available.

Also, the Saturday prior to camp (July 25th) has a very limited number of rooms at the USAF discounted rate. The rate for Saturday, July 25th, will then increase to $209 (plus taxes & fees) and will not include breakfast on Sunday morning.

If you are not purchasing a camp package, you can pre-register as a day participant. There is no registration deadline for day participants.

Please click here for more camp/hotel information and to proceed with your registration.

Best regards,


Laura Pavlick and Karen De Paola

A Memorial Fund for Walter Van Enck, Chief Instructor of the Midwest Aikido Center

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the sudden passing of our friend, colleague, mentor, and Chief Instructor, Walter Van Enck. Walter dedicated his adult life to practicing and promoting aikido, both at the Midwest Aikido Center and various locales around the United States and the world.

Many  have asked whether donations will be taken in memory of our Chief Instructor Walter Van Enck. Walter’s sudden passing has created a multitude of challenges to his family.Therefore, some of his friends and family have set up a memorial fund to help the family at this difficult time. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made using the following link.

Click on this link to make a donation to Walter’s family.

Cash or check donations can also be made in person at the 2 memorial services, and will not be subject to the fundraising site’s processing fees.

Walter’s Memorial Service for friends and family will be held:

Wednesday, March 25, 2015, 1:00PM, Midwest Aikido Center


In order to accommodate the larger aikido community, there will also be a memorial for Walter at the dojo on Friday evening, April 24, 2015 in conjunction with the O-Sensei Memorial Seminar. More details to follow as they become available.

Please note that this will be a separate event from the memorial service on Wednesday, March 25th, 2015.

Seminar information can be found here



Midwest Aikido Center


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