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25 literary devices you can use to make your speech more persuasive and emotional
There are varying rules and techniques to write an essay, novel, or book. The selection of genre depends upon on your write my essay task with a number of points discussed in it. Literary devices are a very important means and source that are often used by writers in order to express their feelings. It strengthens the narrative and arguments presented by a writer.
Good and effective use of literary devices enhances the writing style and it connects themes and characters. Mostly it is used in novels where writers try to explain the different situations by including some metaphors too. Generally speaking, the use of literary devices enhances the quality of reading and the writer expresses his knowledge by using it.
For a reader, it completely presents different perspectives and he intrigues from such a piece of literature. Along with novels, these devices can also be used for *persuasive speech* where you need to convince the audience from your point of view. In this post I will write twenty-five different literary devices. By using these you can write my essay for me.
Twenty-five literary devices
Allegory: It is used in an allegorical story and it can be dark, controversial, and complex. If you want to use a plot for a story then write it with themes and ideas. It presents more things or has a deep meaning other than the words appearing on the surface.
Alliteration: It is more related to the series of words related to a particular definition. It is used in poetry and prose as a pleasing cadence i.e. “Peter Piper picked a pot of pickled peppers.”
Allusion: It is an indirect descriptive reference that could be related to any particular point. You may have witnessed allude in every speech i.e. “This list of literary write essay for me  Topics will turn me into a bona fide.”
Anachronism: It means to write something about another era while living in another. For example, if you are writing a history paper your past incidents would fall under this literary device.
Chiasmus: When you want to use two or more parallel clauses you will use this device. It helps a reader to get convinced from your point of view.
Dramatic irony: If a situation is going on in a novel with different characters and unfolding events. A drama with double-meaning words represents this genre where a spouse is analyzed on face value.
Euphemism: Describing something in a polite way is called euphemism but the situation must be awkward or inappropriate to address.
Exposition: When you need a narrative with background knowledge then it is used. It provides a richer understanding of events, sittings, and characters.
Flashback: It helps to split events between eras or tenses in a story. It is used to build suspense before revealing a big secret or a character’s role in a novel. It also gradually reveals someone’s character.
Hyperbole: It is used in the form of an extremely exaggerated situation but it emphasizes the significance of a given statement. For example, "Oh my god, I haven't seen you in a million years."
Imagery: It reveals a highly descriptive language about any scenario in a novel. Writers usually use it to simplify a scene at hand. In simple words imager is ‘show, don’t tell.’
Irony: Irony consists of further three literary devices: dramatic, situational, and verbal. Dramatic deals with characters of a novel, situational deals or predict with a certain outcome for the reader, verbal deals with a double meaning of a statement.
Isocolon: It is usually used in poetry where a writer wants to convey a message by using a certain structure with rhythm. It is also used in making new slogans because a balanced rhythm makes the phrase memorable and catchier i.e. "Vini, Vidi, vici" meaning 'I came, I saw, I conquered.'
Juxtaposition: It is used when a writer wants to define certain dissimilar concepts, themes, and characters. He defines a position in a way that is not relevant to the main topic at all.
Litotes: It is used to express very specific sentiments in the opposite way. If a writer says "the opposite is not the case as I will explain it with examples." Then it means he is explaining the situation with examples
Metaphor: It is used when a writer wants to compare two similar words, things, and situations. An extended metaphor can also be used for such a situation. Usually a professional *essay writer* knows how to use metaphor.
Metonymy: It is just like a symbolism but the only difference is it serves as a synonym for a particular thing. Unlike symbolism, it embodies an entire institution.
Motif: It is used throughout the novel to develop a particular narrative and theme. It could be an image, a concept, or a symbol.
Paradox: It is a Greek word that originates from the word paradoxon meaning 'beyond belief.' It is used when the writer wants the reader to think out of the box by giving some illogical examples.
Polysyndeton: It is used to add some artistic flair in a piece of writing that should inspire the reader. Especially if he is using a naïve voice but the use of polysyndeton makes it important.
Repetition: Yes it is true that too much repetition is not good for any literary writing. But occasional repetition can become very effective when a writer wants to trap and scare the reader.
Satire: It is used to make fun through irony, ridicule, or exaggeration of society or any aspect of human nature.
Smile: It is a very common literary device in writing where the writer tries to convey a particular message.
Soliloquy: When a speaker wants to convey some aloud thoughts then he would use soliloquy. It is also used to the attributes of a character independently.
Symbolism: It means to use tangible symbols to represent virtual or abstract concepts and ideas based upon any desirable situation. For paper writing service example, a raven might represent death while a dove might represent peace.
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