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Can I take my ESA to anywhere or are there any restricted areas - 2021 Guide

Everyone who has a pet or an emotional support animal will agree that being an emotional support animal parent is hard. There are places that welcome the emotional support animal while there are also some which do not allow you to bring them. The emotional support of animal parents who are unaware of certain restrictions faces issues at the door of these places. If you are one of those people and tired of being told not to bring your ESA letter then you must know of all the places which let you take the emotional support animal as well as those which do not. Read this blog to know all about it and avoid any issues in the future.



Where am I allowed to take my ESA?


First, let us see all the places which will let you keep the emotional support animal with you. 




You can keep the emotional support animal with you in your apartment, or house. Worry that your landlord or housing authority may restrict you from keeping the emotional support animal inside? Well, no need to worry. It is because the Fair Housing Act (FHA) allows you to keep the emotional support animal inside the house. The only condition here is that you get the ESA letter issued. In case, you do not have the letter yet, all you have to do is ask your mental health professional for it. After you receive it, show it to the housing authority or the landlord if they have any objection to keeping the emotional support animal.


College Dorm


Living in a college dorm and wishing to keep your emotional support animal with you? You can do that! The college’s dorm allows the students to keep the emotional support animal with them inside the dorms in case they show the emotional support animal letter to the college authority. If your college counselor is licensed then you can ask them for the letter as well. This will be easier than going to a mental health professional outside the college.


Pet Stores


Taking the animals to the pet stores makes them feel out of this world. If you have an emotional support animal who loves to go out with you then taking them to the pet store will make them happy. All the pet stores allow emotional support animals. However, just make sure that your emotional support animal does not make a mess when inside or the stone owner can ask you to leave. 




According to the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA), you can bring your emotional support animal on the airplane. For this, you must tell the authorities at least 48 hours before the flight. So that they may manage and offer you facilities to help with taking care of the emotional support animal. One important thing to note here is that your emotional support animal must behave well.


Parks and Recreational places


Many parks and such recreational places allow the emotional support animal to enter. Some still might not. Before you go out, check if the place you are going to allows the emotional support animals.


Why am I restricted from taking my ESA?


Shopping malls Hotels and Resorts


None of these places are obligated to let you bring the emotional support animal. If you have an emotional support dog that you want to bring then get permission through the emotional support dog letter first. 


Open food markets, Restaurants, and Movie theatres


These places are designed so that the public can enjoy themselves. However, bringing the emotional support animal to such crowded places can cause discomfort to some people.


Offices and Hospitals


For the comfort of the people, a calm environment and to avoid any unfortunate event, the administrations of the hospital and offices do not allow to bring the emotional support animal inside the premises of the hospital.


Why are there restrictions?


The emotional support animals are not allowed to be in these specific places simply because they are not well trained as service animals. You must have seen that many places accept the service animals easily and do not restrict them as much as they do the emotional support animals. The training of the service animals let them behave well in spontaneous situations, under pressure as well as in the rush places. 


For this reason, most of the business places do not allow the emotional support animal letter on their premises. This is because an emotional support animal might not be able to stay calm when there is too much noise, unfamiliar surroundings, or crowd. The emotional support animals lose control and may even start to run around or hide. This situation can cause chaos among people, especially those who are afraid of animals. Because this leads to a series of mishaps, most of the administrations of these places prohibit the emotional support animals.


So be careful! In case, going to a place like a hospital is unavoidable then you must talk to the administration beforehand. You can show them the emotional support animal letter to them and request your mental health professional to contact the administration for verification. In the places which allow you to bring the emotional support animal, can ask you to leave in case the emotional support animal does not behave well and cause damage. A way to avoid any mishaps is to keep the emotional support animal on a leash and train them a little. 


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