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Happy Holidays

Each year I look forward to December, mostly because of my dojo’s holiday seminar.  The mat is always full of New York Aikikai members, both old and new, as well as so many visitors who come to celebrate aikido and friendship.  I am happy to be home at this time surrounded by people enjoying themselves.  It’s always a good weekend for me.

As you may know, there are some recent changes in the USAF Board of Directors. Many board members dedicated several years of their time and put in a lot of hard work for the USAF.  We are thankful for their service and all they did. But it is also important to be open to change and allow others to have a chance to dedicate them selves.   As of November, the board has a new Vice President (Andy Demko), Chairman (Joe Nemeth), Treasurer (Paul Forhan) and Secretary (Larry Bieri).

Looking forward, 2014 will be a very busy year for me.  I will travel to dojos all over the world celebrating the 50th anniversary of my arrival in NY. I hope you will join me on the mat, as I continue to do what I came here to do half a century ago – spread aikido.  Happy holidays to all of you.

The Essence of Yamada Sensei

The Essence of Yamada Sensei is a short film of Yamada Sensei teaching at the 2013 USAF Winter Camp, November 8-9-10 in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  Filmed/Edited/Produced by Jonathan Weiner, 3rd Dan, Fukushidoin of Aikido of Charlotte.  To view, click here

To view similar videos produced by Jonathan Weiner,  click here

Aikido of Amarillo Conducts Its First Seminar

Aikido of Amarillo recently hosted its first seminar with T. K. Lee Sensei, 6th DAN from Aikido of Houston. The seminar allowed the students to gain instruction based on Lee Sensei’s 53 years of Aikido experience.

“We struggle with the same challenges every dojo has which operates out of a small, isolated community,” Scott Sensei explains. “Our dojo continues to build its core student base and this seminar offers the opportunity to see an instructor with over 50 years of training. For Lee Sensei to travel to Amarillo and teach us is a very special event.”

During the seminar Lee Sensei described the importance of dynamic body movement. He took the students through each movement step-by-step to emphasize a proper foundation. Points of teaching were to start a waza with strong beginning stance, execute large body movements leading to the application of the waza and then finish with solid stance. Lee Sensei’s teachings of a strong foundation relate to the Founder’s statement, ”In extreme situations, the entire universe becomes our foe; at such critical times, unity of mind and technique is essential – do not let your heart waver!”

Aikido of Amarillo has been in existence since 2005. This year’s Aikido seminar marks the initiation for future dojo events. Dojo-cho, Scott DeJesse, 3rd DAN is a direct student of Lee Sensei. Scott described the seminar as a proud moment for the dojo. The dojo was also happy to have the Midwest Aikido Federation affiliated dojo of Lubbock Aikido participate the Amarillo’s first seminar.

Scott states, “Without the support of T. K. Lee Sensei, the USAF and Amarillo College, there wouldn’t be an opportunity for the Amarillo community to train in the traditional style of Aikido. The Art is a true gift with many benefits for one’s mind, body and spirit. We look forward to the future and will continue to grow the dojo.”

Technical Committee Dan Testing Workshop at Winter Camp

During the November 2013 Florida Aikikai Winter Seminar, the USAF Technical Committee presented a workshop on dan testing. Anyone who is preparing for a dan test should find this video a valuable resource. Florida Aikikai is happy to share what we have learned. Thank you. See you next year! Penny Bernath

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