New Category Added to Newsletter

An exciting new category has just been added to this USAF news site.  “USAF Member Aikido Related Goods and Services” will display a short comment from our members about aikido items or related services that they provide, along with a link for further information.  This added benefit to our members will help promote their business, inviting the readers of this newsletter to visit their websites or contact them by email  Our first listing regarding Yamada Sensei’s new DVD has just been posted.

USAF Latest News May 2011

Each season many of you wait with bated breath to read the USAF Newsletter – to comb through the interesting articles, to find friends in the photo section, and perhaps to even find that a picture of you attending a seminar has made it into the publication.  You read Sensei’s message, often more than once, and see if any new subjects have been added.  As editor I am aware of this because so many of you have shared your fond feelings for this newsletter with me through the years.  Now, with unanimous support from the Board of Directors and the Technical Committee, I am excited to introduce you to the arrival of our new format, and therefore welcome you to the launching of the USAF Newsletter and Announcements blog! 

Through the years, the USAF Newsletter has been a tri-annual online publication. This has been read by USAF members and Aikidoka from around the world.  However, there are many limitations in the long-standing format.  With the inefficient means of communication that it presented, I have struggled with transmitting frequent news to our members. This new site resolves every problem encountered along the way.

I will explain how we can now be in touch more frequently and with greater ease. As you can see, this format contains the same categories as our previous newsletter, and we can easily add new ones whenever needed. This “blog” will feed news directly onto the home page of our website,, creating a system of continuous contact in more than one location. By subscribing to the RSS Feed at the top of the home page, you will be notified every time a change or addition is made to this site, thereby being alerted to the latest USAF content at all times. An RSS Feed is anonymous – we will not have a list of our subscribers so it is very important that you add yourself in order to fully benefit. This site will be used to upload articles, seminar photos and announcements almost immediately upon receipt of the information, creating a continuous stream for publishing our members’ contributions year round.  And, equally as important, it is easy to navigate and there is no longer a deadline that you must meet in order to get your submissions into the newsletter. 

The process of archiving all of the new material is simple and easy to find.  Because the older editions of the newsletter document our history and are a vital resource explaining who we are and how we’ve grown, the link at the top of this home page provides permanent access to all previous editions for your perusal.

As you can see, I’ve launched this new site with only 3 posts.  I have several others on the way, and will upload them shortly.  This format allows 3 posts in each of the categories – USAF Latest News, USAF Official Business, and Articles and Seminar Photos – to show on the home page at one time. When a new item is uploaded, it takes the first spot in the section, and the last one is then housed in the proper “Category” on the right hand side of the page.  In addition, there will be monthly headings so you can find what was posted during any particular month.

While we embrace tradition in our practice, in our dojo, and in our ceremonies, change is often difficult. I hope you come to embrace this new, state-of-the-art resource as a positive change that will help our community stay close and stay connected, regardless of the miles that often separate us.  I look forward to being in touch more often, and don’t forget to subscribe.

Laura Jacobs Pavlick

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