Announcement Regarding New Resource for USAF Instructors

Having an in-house reference library based on the experience of USAF instructors is a great way to support each other with tasks that may sometimes seem daunting:  How to come up with new ideas for a brochure, how to define aikido for marketing material, what kind of layout for a pull-tab flier works best, where to find a good insurance company or direct billing company, etc.  There is now a place where you can share your ideas as well as benefit from the contributions of others.

The Filebrowser section of the USAF website is where important USAF documents and information are stored for your easy access.  This is only available to USAF instructors with a login and password.  A new folder has been added to this section, titled USAF Resources. Within this folder are currently 3 sections – Dojo Marketing Material, Insurance Company Referrals, and Direct Billing Referrals.  With your submissions, this section will continue to grow and will hopefully become a wealth of information that can help support USAF member dojos.  The first dojo marketing material document has been upload – a pull-tab flier from Litchfield Hills Aikikai (only pdfs will be uploaded).  You will not be informed each time a new addition is made.

Please email me any materials you would like to share.  If your contribution falls outside the definition of the current folders, than new folders will be made to accommodate your material. Thank you for your continued support.

Sincerely yours,

Laura Pavlick

Director of Operations

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