Heaven and Earth Dojo News

Heaven and Earth dojo supported a 5K race to assist wounded warriors on October 5th in McLean.  “Since 2003, thousands of young men and women have been wounded in the line of duty. After discharge from inpatient treatment at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, they continue on active duty while going through a very thorough evaluation period.  At this point in their recovery, many wounded warriors seek housing which is suited to their rehabilitation needs. All proceeds from the McLean 5K Run with the Warriors will be used for the Wounded Warrior Transitional Housing at Vinson Hall.” (http://www.mclean5k.com/)

The dojo received almost 200 dollars in donations for the Hand-to-Hand program. The dojo had been looking for a worthy charity and the Run with the Warriors was a good one.  The dojo made a 500 dollar donation toward the event.  If anyone would like to make donations toward covering the 300 dollars the dojo is giving please feel free.

In addition Heaven and Earth dojo held the stretching for the runners before the race. There were about 1500 runners and about 5-10,000 spectators and it was carried on local and national TV.

Hand-to-Hand: Heaven and Earth dojo was constructed to continue the legacy of Yamada and Sugano Sensei’s Aikido as was taught by O Sensei.  That legacy is realized by taking the philosophy of Aikido from the mat and putting it into practice in life.  Sugano Sensei taught that Aikido must be a positive force for change in the world, and to make that real he asked his students to contribute to charitable causes. The Monday night Hand-to-Hand course was set up for this purpose.  Originally it was done to assist wounded veterans but it was opened up to anyone who has a disability or is in need. Currently, the dojo is working with a Marine Corps veteran who was wounded in Afghanistan.  Anyone who might possibly have someone with a limitation who wants to try Aikido, please consider this class.

Non Profit:  Heaven and Earth is in the process of becoming a non-profit organization.  This will assist with the Hand-to-Hand class, and other charitable efforts.  The not-for-profit status will make it a community that fits with the spirit and intention of the dojo.  Thanks to Kyle Cormack for setting this up.



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