Important Camp Hotel Information


Dear Aikidoka:

Please be advised that every person staying in the hotel must be listed through the hotel registration process. If you are a couple, it is not enough to list yourself alone, thinking that if you have a room then your spouse or roommate is good to go. The hotel needs an accurate listing of each person in each room in order to properly guarantee the meals as well as the beds (doubles versus kings). If you have already registered and did not list your roommates, the other people in your room must reserve a room in their name as well. By listing your roommates, the hotel matches those sharing a room together – you will not each be assigned a separate room but will be connected through the hotel database. It is never too late to add someone, as long as the next person notes that you are in their room. Multiple people can be processed at the same time if you chose more than one guest. This will make you fill out private info and check in/check out dates for them, as well as assign a credit card for each person. You can use different credit cards for each person at this point if you wish. If you do not register as more than one guest, and list yourself as the only guest but make note when asked of who your roommate will be, then each person in the room must go to the hotel link after registering for camp and register themselves in the hotel database.

Here is a step-by-step guide to booking your hotel stay:

1. register for camp through the online site (ideal choice) or download a form and mail it in (you can access the forms here as well)
2. carefully read the USAF confirmation email that you receive after registering for camp
3. follow the hotel link in your confirmation email
4. go through the hotel enrollment page – choose that you are an attendee
5. chose the number of guests – if you are only reserving for yourself, even if you have roommates, chose 1. You will write the name of your roommates in the text field, and they will then do the same process. This is where the hotel finds the info to match you as sharing a room.
6. If you do not know who your roommate will be you can chose “unknown”. When it is decided, that person will then put your name as a roommate, and the hotel will match you together.
7. If you are registering your roommates, chose the correct number – you will see that it requests the information for each person. If you continue through this process, (including check in/check out dates, and credit card information for each person) each guest will be fully registered and will not have to go in to do it again. Make sure each page in the hotel process reflects the correct number of people you are registering (#guests)
8. no matter what, write the name of your roommates in the corresponding text field
9. your hotel confirmation email will indicate how many people you registered.

So, to summarize – each and every person attending camp must go through the USAF camp registration process (including children) as well as the hotel reservation process (either separately, or by having one person list more than one guest in their room and filling out each person’s info). This will guarantee that when you check in you will have the proper room assignments, bed choices, roommates, and meal plans.

We will never run out of space for people to take class, but we can quickly run out of hotel rooms as they are booking up quickly. So please don’t wait to register for camp so you can make your reservations, as our blocked rooms are limited.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Thank you,

Laura Pavlick and Paige Chapman
Summer Camp Coordinators

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