New York Aikikai’s Christmas Seminar & Testing Information

8 December, 2011

Dear Aikidoka:

New York Aikikai will be hosting its annual holiday seminar on December 17th-18th. Information about this great event can be found through the link on their home page,

If you, your student or your friend will be testing at the NYA seminar, please be aware that all test payments will be collected separately from the seminar fee payments. That is, all seminar fees will be payable to NYA, and all dan test fees will be payable to the USAF. For the seminar fee, NYA will accept cash, checks, or credit cards, which will be charged at the time of registration.

Please be prepared to make 2 payments if you will be testing, with your test payment in cash or by check made payable to the USAF. If you would like to pay with Mastercard or VISA (not Amex or Discover), you will be asked to fill out a credit card form authorizing the USAF to charge your card at a later date – your card will not be charged on the day of your test, but rather at a later time from the USAF office.

In addition, please remember that all dan applications need to be typed. They are available online through your instructor or dojo-cho in a fillable pdf format. There are 4 forms for shodan, and 2 for nidan and sandan. Shodan is $200, nidan is $250 and sandan is $300. Please come prepared with your paperwork and payments ready to be handed in. With the number of seminar participants and dan tests, this will help the process remain as efficient as possible. It’s always an exciting day, so your help with this will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much for passing on this important information. See you next week.

Sincerely yours,
Laura Pavlick
Director of Operations

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