USAF Interactive On-Line Database

As of last night, the interactive capabilities of the USAF website,, are available to all USAF instructors and administrators with a log-in and password, allowing for direct private access to a dojo’s database. This will allow instructors to submit annual renewals online, mark members as paid, add new members, change member ranks when promoted, renew shidoin/fukushidoin certifications, submit seminar announcements etc. Any changes made to text, such as adding a new member, changing a last name, changing dojo phone numbers, can be saved directly to the database.  Any change that is associated with a fee (rank, renewals, dues etc) will be marked as pending until main office review and approval.  An automated email confirmation will be sent with the changes and fees in each “batch”  submitted.

In order to help familiarize the dojo administrators with this new program,  over the next few weeks several conference call tutorials will be scheduled as well as on-line instructional videos posted to our website.

This is a very exciting tool for USAF instructors to help manage their dojo membership, quickly and easily submit rank promotions, and maintain an updated, accurate list of inactive and active students and ranks, with all of the information at their fingertips at all times.  With 2013 only days away, the launching of this database promises to simplify our renewal process and all future administrative tasks for our members.

Laura Jacobs Pavlick

Director of Operations


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